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  1. to compare apples and/with oranges. idiom (also to mix apples and/with oranges); (something is apples and oranges) Add to word list. used to say that two things are completely different and it is not sensible to compare them: The ratio of exports to GDP is very misleading. It compares apples and oranges. You're comparing apples with oranges.

  2. compare apples and oranges. To try to highlight the similarities between two different things—which typically cannot be done. You can't compare your job as a nurse to mine as an engineer—that's comparing apples and oranges!

  3. Definition of Comparing apples and oranges in the Idioms Dictionary. Comparing apples and oranges phrase. What does Comparing apples and oranges expression mean?

  4. 27 de ago. de 2023 · The meaning of COMPARE APPLES AND/TO/WITH ORANGES is to compare things that are very different. How to use compare apples and/to/with oranges in a sentence.

  5. 18 de sept. de 2023 · Comparing Yourself: It’s Apples to Oranges - Posted by Savannah on 18th September 2023 A week or so ago, I sat down to begin brainstorming for my college essay. I had no introduction, didn’t know what I wanted to say, and couldn’t think of any life-altering revelations during my high school career.