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  1. Hace 4 días · The Dravidian languages (sometimes called Dravidic [2]) are a family of languages spoken by 250 million people, mainly in southern India, north-east Sri Lanka, and south-west Pakistan, with pockets elsewhere in South Asia.

  2. Hace 5 días · L-M20 is the single largest male lineage (36.8%) among the Jat people of Northern India and is found at 16.33% among the Gujar's of Jammu and Kashmir. [17] [24] It also occurs at 18.6% among the Konkanastha Brahmins of the Konkan region [25] and at 15% among the Maratha's of Maharashtra. [26]

  3. 23 de jun. de 2024 · Instead, the Hittites (and their close relatives, like the Luwians) had mostly Anatolian Farmer ancestry in combined with Zagrosian farmer ancestry; it is this Zagrosian lineage that is common to both Hittite city-dwellers and Yamanya steppe herders.

  4. Spanish (Eastern La Mancha) Results + PCA Plot. After getting a 100% spanish (and 100% from my region) result in 23andme i wanted to delve more into my ancestry, getting Illustrative DNA and getting these results:

  5. Whether the Levantines, Egyptians, or Anatolians, the three consist of an Anatolian, Natufian, Zagrosian, and Caucasian component only in different proportions. But you have high SSA even for 100% Egyptian Muslim.

  6. Interesting as zagrosian is meant to be brown skin. Clearly it isn't. Lots of zagrosian people on here have light skin.

  7. Hace 1 día · EARLY AGRICULTURE. Agriculture began to be adopted as the predominant mode of subsistence in Britain some time after c. 3500 B.C., replacing the way of life that hunter-gatherer communities had practised over the previous six or seven millennia. How the change came about, whether for example it was through colonization, indigenous development, or acculturation (the transference of ideas ...

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