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  1. Yellow is an anthropomorphic monster strongly reminiscent of a pterosaur [1]. His wedge-shaped head fans into a three-pointed crest on the back, tapering to a sharp point at its front.

  2. 20 de jul. de 2023 · Dive into the sad and action-packed origin story of Yellow, the newest monster featured in Rainbow Friends Chapter 2!

  3. Abilities: Yellow can walk. Yellow can run. Yellow can fly. Like blue does, he chases you until you are hiding in a Box or in a hole. If he catches you, he will fly up to the sky and will circle around the map. You have to land in the inflatable castle to survive, anywhere else is a dead.

  4. Yellow is a major antagonist in the Roblox horror-game, Rainbow Friends. He gets introduced in Chapter 2. He is a yellow pterodactyl that resides in Odd World. Like the other Rainbow Friends, he attempts to kill anyone that he sees by grabbing them and mauling them to death in his nest.

  5. 6 de sept. de 2023 · Today we learn the origin of yellow! Was he once human? A dinosaur? A bug? Let's find out as Red travels back in time 100 million years! ...more

  6. The Rainbow Friends (Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow and Cyan) are the titular main antagonists of Rainbow Friends. The Rainbow Friends are very distinguishable creatures that vary in size, behavior and appearance. Five friends appear in Chapter 1, and six appear in Chapter 2.

  7. › wiki › Yellow_(Rainbow_Friends_Chapter_2)Yellow | GameToons Wiki | Fandom

    Yellow is one of the Rainbow Friends that appeared in Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2. He appears as a yellow colored pterodactyl. He has a vest with a propeller attached on it on his torso. Before becoming a Rainbow Friend, Yellow was a normal human who wanted to be a pilot.

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