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  1. Venusaur (フシギバナ Fushigibana en japonés) es un Pokémon de tipo planta/veneno introducido en la primera generación. Es la evolución de Ivysaur.

  2. Venusaur es un Pokémon de tipo Planta y Veneno que evoluciona de Ivysaur. Tiene la habilidad Espesura y puede convertir la luz del sol en energía.

  3. Venusaur is a Grass/Poison type Pokémon and the final evolution of Bulbasaur. It has a large flower on its back that absorbs sunlight and emits a soothing fragrance.

  4. Venusaur is an excellent choice for sun teams, as it packs a good Speed tier, offensive stats, and most importantly, bulk. It also has useful moves such as Growth and Sleep Powder to break teams by boosting up or putting a check out of commission. Venusaur is exclusively a choice for sun teams, as it is outclassed by Roserade and Shaymin otherwise.

  5. 25 de may. de 2024 · Evolving from Ivysaur, this deceptively toxic Pokémon has a huge flower on its back that emits a cloying fragrance: the scent lulls its enemies into a state of calmness. Venusaur's flower synthesizes sunshine into pure energy for its SolarBeam move. Think of Grass-type Pokémon, and Venusaur comes first.

  6. Mantiene como Ivysaur y Bulbasaur la referencia a lo extraños que pueden resultar, ya que son los primeros Pokémon de la Pokédex Nacional. Su nombre francés, Florizarre, proviene de las palabras fleur (flor) y bizarre (extraño), influenciado por el nombre japonés.

  7. Venusaur is a Grass-type Pokémon that evolves from Ivysaur. It has a flower on its back that can produce pollen and petals. Learn about its stats, abilities, attacks, locations, and more.

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