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  2. Edgar is a long-dead Hammerite, sainted by the church. The actions of St. Edgar have had a Church and a Holiday named after him. Edgar has at least one book written about him. One is titled, Glory of St. Edgar.

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  4. Edgar is an Epic Brawler who could be unlocked for free as a Brawlidays 2020 gift from December 19th through January 7th or can be unlocked from the Starr Road. He has moderate health, moderately high burst damage and great mobility with his Super and his very fast movement speed, but a short...

  5. Watch the intense gameplay of THIEF EDGAR in Brawl Stars. Join Anil14 as he showcases the top moves and strategies. Discover how to get Thief Edgar and unlock his epic abilities.

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  7. Edgar was an ancient stonemason and Hammerite. His work can be seen in every pillar and arch of the ancient city. The Stonemason's Ring was made in his memory. This is likely the same St. Edgar honored by the Hammerites in Thief: Deadly Shadows.

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