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  1. Hace 5 días · Over 82 trivia questions and answers about The Santa Clause in our Movies Q-T category. Did you know these interesting bits of information?

  2. Hace 2 días · Ed Ivory as Santa Claus, the ruler of Christmas Town. Santa is responsible for the annual celebration of Christmas, in which he delivers presents to children in the real world. He is also referred to by Jack and Halloween Town's residents as "Sandy Claws."

  3. Hace 4 días · Cast of The Santa Clause. Movie ( 1994) • 59 total actors • 97 minutes. The Santa Clause is a heartwarming Christmas movie about a man named Scott Calvin who inadvertently becomes Santa Claus. The cast of the film includes various talented actors in key roles.

  4. Hace 6 días · Betrachtet man allein den Kinoerfolg, dann belegt in Deutschland Santa Clause – Eine schöne Bescherung (1994) mit mehr als 1,7 Millionen Zuschauern den ersten, Der Polarexpress (2004) mit mehr als 1,5 Millionen den zweiten und Es ist ein Elch entsprungen (2005) mit 1,2 Millionen Zuschauern den dritten Platz.

  5. Hace 5 días · A quiz about the 1994 movie The Santa Clause. - test your knowledge in this quiz! (Author ashling)

  6. Hace 2 días · Tim Allen portrays Santa Claus in both the 1994 film 'The Santa Clause' and 2002's 'The Santa Clause 2'. Tim Allen is Santa in these twin hits that appeared in theaters eight years apart. The movies were directed by John Pasquin and Michael Lembeck, respectively.

  7. Hace 4 días · The Santa Clause (1994) When a man inadvertently makes Santa fall off of his roof on Christmas Eve, he finds himself magically recruited to take his place. 6.5 /10 97 min