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  1. The players had _____ good friends during the competition. few. espuesta correcta espuesta correcta. a lot. Respondido Respondido. most. Descarga. Quiz IA. Quiz IA. Descarga. Quiz IA. Quiz IA. 2 0 ¿Ha sido útil este documento? 2 0. Guardar Compartir (ACV-S08) Week 08 - Pre-Task Quiz - Weekly quiz (PA) Ingles III.

  2. The players had _____ good friends during the competition. most. few ¡Correcto! ¡Correcto! a lot. 2 / 2 pts Pregunta 8 Most athletes felt annoyed and _____ in The Copa Libertadores. proud. confident. disappointed ¡Correcto! ¡Correcto! 2 / 2 pts Pregunta 9 Cyclists go _____ on the mountains. sailing. fishing. biking ¡Correcto!

  3. The players had _____ good friends during the competition. a lot. most. few. Pregunta 9 2 / 2 pts. She has _____ gold medals, but she is a persistent and brilliant athlete. many. much. few. Pregunta 10 2 / 2 pts. There are not _____ female football coaches in the world. much. a lot. many. Puntaje del examen: 20 de 20. Descarga. Quiz IA. Quiz IA.

  4. CEFR Level B1/B2. 1. Mixed Letters – SPORT. A really fun way to review vocabulary at the end of the lesson or the week is to mix up the letters of each word. Write a word or words on the board.

  5. Staying friends with a professional rival can be hard – but studies show that keeping competition friendly could be to our advantage.

  6. 3 de ago. de 2021 · Moments Of Sportsmanship And Kindness At Tokyo Olympics. Good News. 11 Moments From The Tokyo Olympics That Show What Good Sportsmanship Looks Like. From consoling and celebrating competitors to sharing gold medals and words of support, here are some of the heartfelt moments of sportsmanship among this year's Olympic athletes. Tasneem Nashrulla.

  7. 8 de jun. de 2016 · It’s National Best Friends Day, so let’s take a look at five of the best pro athlete friendships in sports. Because, as Whodini rapped, friends are the “ones we can depend on.”. 1. LeBron ...