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  1. Code Projects offers tutorials, source code, and projects for beginners. Join us to learn, collaborate, and access free open-source projects.

  2. Free Source Code Projects and Tutorials - Python, PHP, Visual Basic, C#, Java, JavaScript, C/C++, HTML/CSS, SQL

  3. Join the community. Whether you are new to code or ready to start a big project, there are a few ways to get involved in open source. Follow open source projects. Learn how developers build and maintain open source software. You can watch a project that interests you to see its progress as it happens. Build on great ideas.

  4. New to Open Source Projects? Contribute to your very first open source project in this beginner-friendly code repository 👨‍💻!

  5. Code. Issues. Pull requests. Here we are going to make some python projects during Quarantine time. python open-source opencv voice artificial-intelligence django-blog security-camera oepnsource quarantine pythonprojects opensource-projects python-quarantine. Updated May 1, 2023. Python. italia-opensource / awesome-italia-opensource. Star 255.

  6. Hace 2 días · Quick Links. Download installers (Win, macOS, Linux) Docker images (CPU, GPU, Raspberry Pi, arm64) Discussion board. Documentation. Create your own module. Using CodeProject.AI in your apps. Latest Modules. LLama chatbot on your desktop - CodeProject. License Plate detection (update) - Mike Lud. Multi-TPU Coral.AI image detection (update) - Seth.

  7. Projects | Google Open Source. At Google, we use open source to innovate and we release open source to share our innovations. We encourage you to browse through our featured projects to find work to use, share, and build on! Featured projects. Mobile Java.

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