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  1. shrinking adj. (getting smaller in size) encogiéndose gerundio. que se encoge loc adj. que se achica loc adj. The shrinking city was visible in the rear-view mirror. La ciudad encogiéndose era visible a través del espejo retrovisor.

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      shrinkage - shrinking - taper - shrug. Forum discussions...

  2. Shrinking means becoming smaller or less in size, amount, or importance. Learn how to use this word in different contexts with examples from various sources.

  3. to become smaller, or to make something smaller. encoger, encogerse, reducir, reducirse. Your sweater will shrink if you wash it at too high a temperature. The company's profits have shrunk from $5.5 million to $1.25 million.

  4. Learn the meaning of shrink as a verb and a noun, with synonyms, antonyms, and usage examples. Find out how to use shrink in different contexts, such as business, psychology, and grammar.

  5. shrink (también: de-escalate, narrow down, diminish, dwindle, narrow, narrow) volume_up. reducirse {vb} more_vert. In other words, a shrinking workforce will have to support a rapidly growing number of non-working people even in the enlarged European Union.

  6. to shrink away to nothing reducirse a nada ⧫ desaparecer. 2. (also: shrink away, shrink back) retroceder ⧫ echar marcha atrás. I shrink from doing it no me atrevo a hacerlo. he did not shrink from touching it no vaciló en tocarlo. verbo transitivo. encoger. to shrink a part on (Technical) montar una pieza en caliente.

  7. n. la reducción para hacer caber. [INFO] "shrinking": ejemplos y traducciones en contexto. In particular, the image shrinking causes loss of information. En particular, la reducción de la imagen causa pérdida de información. His Government shared the common concern regarding the shrinking humanitarian space.