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  1. Roy Harper, or Speedy, can refer to: Arsenal, Green Arrow's original sidekick, who first went by "Speedy". Red Arrow, a clone of the original Roy created by Cadmus to infiltrate the Justice League.

  2. Información. Nombre real. Roy Harper. Alias. Veloz (anteriormente) Arsenal (actualmente) Interpretado por. EE:UU Crispin Freeman Hispanoamerica Angel Mujica España. Apariciones. Justicia Joven. Arsenal (anteriormente conocido como Veloz) es el ex-secuaz de Flecha Verde . Apariencia Física.

  3. Will Harper (formerly Roy Harper) is a former superhero archer from Star City. His alias was Speedy whilst partnered with Green Arrow, but became Red Arrow after his separation from his former mentor. He is a Cadmus-created clone of the original Roy Harper, and unwittingly served as the Light's sleeper agent to infiltrate the Justice League.

  4. Arsenal (real name Roy Harper) was the original Speedy and the former sidekick of Green Arrow. Shortly after becoming Green Arrow's partner, he was abducted by Lex Luthor and the Light , where he was cloned for the purpose of infiltrating the Justice League .

  5. 10 de may. de 2024 · Updated May 10, 2024. Young Justice's complicated clone plot involving Roy Harper leaves many fans confused about who is who. Here's how to tell the Harpers apart. Summary. The intricate storylines and character relationships in Young Justice set it apart from other superhero cartoons.

  6. Roy Harper es un personaje importante en la serie animada Young Justice, con la voz de Crispin Freeman. [9] Esta apariencia es única ya que presenta a un clon de Speedy que se convierte en Red Arrow, separado del Speedy real que se convierte en Arsenal.

  7. 20 de abr. de 2022 · In need of someone who knows the city, Dick Grayson looks to recruit Roy Harper for an All-Harper mission. But Roy needs a favor first. Stream Young Justice now on Max.