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  1. 24 de mar. de 2024 · Jason ultimately turned away from a deeper romance with Starfire due to her past and his connection to Nightwing. Red Hood and Starfire might have had a physical relationship, but she soon moved on with their other teammate, Roy Harper/Arsenal.

  2. Timestamps, deleted scenes, alternate POVs, and other assorted bits and pieces related to Forever Kind Of Thing. Ch. 1 - Jason/Roy - Jason picking Roy up from the airport. Ch. 2 - Clint/Bucky/Roy - Clint's first full moon with any of the pack. Ch. 3 - Slade/Frank and Slade/Jason - the first time Frank ties Slade up.

  3. JayRoy is the slash ship between Jason Todd and Roy Harper from the DC Comics fandom. The characters first teamed up in 2012 on the pages of Red Hood and the Outlaws, one of the most controversial New 52 titles. All three characters were willing to kill criminals, which made them outcasts in...

  4. They aren't contemporaries, though they did retcon in some extra interactions between them during Jason's time as Robin. The Outsiders stuff is still canon, as is Roy being a Titan alongside Dick.

  5. Roy Harper & Jason Todd. Tim Drake & Jason Todd. Jason Todd. Tim Drake. Red Hood. Red Robin - Character. Damian Wayne. Robin (DCU) Kon-El | Conner Kent. Roy Harper. Arsenal (DCU) Dick Grayson. Nightwing (DCU) Jonathan Kent. Superboy (DCU) Batman.

  6. Jason Todd leads the Outlaws, a team that includes established DC character Princess Koriand'r and Roy Harper as Arsenal, Green Arrow's alcoholic ex-sidekick. Leading up to a run-in with Killer Croc, Roy was talked out of suicide.

  7. Jason Todd is a newly turned vampire, Roy Harper is the governess responsible for training him in the ways of vampire culture. Hands on, practical training... Series