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  1. 14 de dic. de 2021 · Spanish Imperfect Verbs. The Spanish imperfect tense can be used to describe qualities and what a person used to do on a regular basis in the past. Cuando era pequeña, me encantaba jugar con agua. (When I was a kid, I loved playing with water.) Era and encantaba are Spanish imperfect verbs.

  2. Imperfect Conjugations: Regular Verbs. The pretérito imperfecto (imperfect) is one of the tenses used in Spanish to talk about the past. We use the imperfect to talk about descriptions in the past, like past habits and feelings, or to set the scene when talking about an action that was interrupted.

  3. The Spanish imperfect tense (el pretérito imperfecto o copretérito) is used to describe past habitual actions or to talk about what someone was doing when they were interrupted by something else. How Do You Form the Imperfect Tense in Spanish?

  4. 8 de jul. de 2021 · The main 3 irregular verbs in the Spanish past imperfect tense are ser (to be), ir (to go) and ver (to see). The other irregular verb that is like one of the main three but with a prefix is prever (to foresee).

  5. Conjugation Chart for Imperfect Tense – Imperfecto (de indicativo) – Spanish Verbs. Used to express an action that was continuous in the past.

  6. 27 de jul. de 2023 · Since it’s crucial for your communication, in this guide, you’ll learn when to use and how to conjugate imperfect verbs in Spanish. Here is a quick overview of the topics we’ll cover: How to Form the Imperfect Tense. Irregular verbs. Using the Imperfect to Talk About the Past. Words used with Spanish imperfect.

  7. 8 de ago. de 2023 · The imperfect tense in Spanish is used to talk about and describe past actions where the duration of the action is unspecified. The uses vary a lot. We’ll list them below with with example sentences.