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  1. 8 Oldest Human Remains in the World 1. Jebel Irhoud Skulls. The skulls found at the Jebel Irhoud archaeological site in Morocco are believed to be the... 2. Dali Man. The discovery of a skull from China — dubbed the Dali Man — has challenged long-held beliefs about the... 3. Omo Remains. Before new ...

  2. The earliest known remains of Cro-Magnon-like humans are radiocarbon dated to 43,000–46,000 BP, found in Bulgaria, Italy, and Great Britain. Europe: Bulgaria: 46-44: Bacho Kiro cave: A tooth and six bone fragments are the earliest modern human remains yet found in Europe. Europe: Italy: 45–44: Grotta del Cavallo, Apulia

  3. 13 de ene. de 2022 · Some of the oldest human remains ever unearthed are the Omo One bones found in Ethiopia. For decades, their precise age has been debated, but a new study argues they're around 233,000 years old.

  4. 16 de ene. de 2022 · The bone and skull fragments researchers discovered were some of the oldest known remains of Homo sapiens. Initial research suggested they were nearly 200,000 years old, but new research shows...

  5. The oldest remains of anatomically modern human discovered so far date back 160,000 years. They consist of two complete crania, one adult and one child, and fragments from another adult skull. They were discovered in Ethiopia by a team of scientists led by Tim White, Berkeley University of California, Berkeley, California, USA.