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  1. Here you have a few ideas on how to review days of the week, months of the year and dates while allowing children to personalise the lesson and allowing you to give them some invaluable cultural input.

  2. If you’re looking for some ESL games or activities for teaching months of the year, then you’re certainly in the right place. Keep on reading for the best of those, along with worksheets, lesson plans and online game recommendations for teaching the months to English learners.

  3. Picture based activity. Students complete twelve sentences in the present simple, describing a young person\'s daily routine. I then have my students draw a template ... 245 uses. A selection of English ESL my favourite day printables.

  4. You can practice using the months in context by engaging in activities such as role-playing conversations about scheduling appointments, discussing favorite months or seasons, or describing events that happen in specific months.

  5. To talk about your favorite months in Spanish, you can use “Mi mes favorito es + mes” as in “Mi mes favorito es junio”. You can add a reason why you like a month using the word PORQUE as in “ Mi mes favorito es junio porque llueve” .

  6. › free-time-and-leisure-activities › my-favourite-dayMy Favourite Day - iSL Collective

    Let's do English ESL reading for detail (deep reading). A short, easy reading comprehension text for beginners with some questions. can be used with the theme o….

  7. Teach kids the months of the year with this engaging free worksheet packet! Perfect for early learners, this colorful and interactive resource helps reinforce the sequence of months while fostering a love for learning. From January to December, this educational activity makes mastering the calendar fun and easy.