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  1. My favourite meal is lunch. We often eat rice and other asian things. But my favourite dish for lunch is Spaghetti Bolognese from my mother.

  2. 7 de jul. de 2023 · Por ejemplo, «My favorite dish is lasagna» (Mi plato favorito es la lasaña). Luego, describe el aspecto físico de tu plato. Por ejemplo, «It has layers of pasta, rich tomato sauce, melted cheese, and ground beef» (Tiene capas de pasta, una salsa de tomate sabrosa, queso derretido y carne molida).

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    Hi, I'm Amaya. Today I'm going to show you how to make my favourite dish. My favourite dish is a salad! Ingredients: 3 or 4 tomatoes Some salad 1 boiled egg 1 tin of tuna Method: 1. Cut the tomatoes. 2. Put the tomato pieces into the salad bowl. 3. Add the boiled egg and the can of tuna. 4. Serve the salad. Eat and enjoy it!

  4. 1. (mi servicio de mesa favorito) a. mi plato favorito. Please be careful with that one. It's my favorite dish.Ten cuidado con ese. Es mi plato favorito. 2. (mi comida favorita) a. mi plato favorito. Oliver is making my favorite dish for my birthday.Oliver va a preparar mi plato favorito para mi cumpleaños. Copyright © Curiosity Media Inc. Ejemplos

  5. My favorite dish is chicken in a white wine sauce with capers. Mi plato favorito es pollo en una salsa de vino blanco con alcaparras. I love Spanish food. My favorite dish is paella. Me encanta la comida española. Mi plato favorito es la paella. My favorite dish is chicken and cashews with soy sauce and rice.

  6. My favourite dish. A set of writing worksheets to teach students how to describe different kinds of food and write a short article about their favourite dish or food.

  7. Mira ejemplos de my favorite dish en ingles. Descubre oraciones que usan my favorite dish en la vida real.

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