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  1. Necesitas ir al cuarto de baño, ¡pero todos están cerrados con llave! No hay situación más desagradable... Sube a la azotea más cercana y prepárate para lanzar caca a la calle. En función de los alimentos que ingieras tendrá diferentes cualidades.

  2. 12 de ene. de 2015 · In Muddy Heights, you can add to the nearest rooftop and throw poop on the street. Depending on the food you eat, you can cause different levels of damage and make money. Play online for free on

  3. In Muddy Heights 2, you play as a person who has had a little bit too much to eat and needs to relieve himself by any means possible. Poop off various heights onto people and vehicles to score points. Complete level goals to gain cash to buy more food.

  4. Muddy Heights is a game where you control a character who can poop in the air or on the ground to reach higher places. It is a humorous and challenging game that was made for the Indies vs PewDiePie jam.

  5. Poop in public to result in mass hysteria in the foolish Unity3D game Muddy Heights. All you have to do is to move the biggest and dreadful stool ever and enable it drop down the rooftop. Attempt to hit plenty of pedestrians on the road, muddy them with your excrements and ruin issues to get cash.

  6. 13 de feb. de 2015 · Resumen. Controles: WASD = Move, Mouse = selection / purchase, Spacebar = jump. Su tarea es para vengar las personas. Desde el cuarto de baño es bastante concurrido, y dependiendo de lo que se come, se mostrará en las heces. Trate de golpear las lámparas, las personas, puestos de venta y más.

  7. 18 de abr. de 2024 · Muddy Heights 2 is an official sequel to the highly played Muddy Heights web game. In Muddy Heights 2, you play as a person who has had a little bit too much to eat and needs...

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