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  1. Sinopsis: Últimamente el príncipe dulce se ha sentido muy extraño, y no ha podido averiguar el por que de su condición. Hasta que un día que se estresa demasiado y se echa a llorar. Fue cuando apareció de la nada Marshall Lee, su futura cura...

  2. Fionna and Cake take Marshall Lee to see Prince Gumball again, via royal orders! Gumball informs them they will be the crew to help him host an event called the Royal Formalia Gala, which only happens every 30 years.

  3. Gumlee is the slash ship between Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball from the Adventure Time fandom. Depending on who tells the story, Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee's relationship differs. In the first original Ice King's rendition, the two didn't interact directly.

  4. Gumball y Marshall no se llevan bien y el vampiro le aclara al príncipe dulce que solo la amistad de Fionna los une. Pero ¿que pasa si un experimento sale mal trayendo a cierta chica a la dimensión de Fionna y cake?

  5. This is not mine this came from DeviantArt it was made by Hootsweets I hope you enjoy!

  6. Marshall Lee/Gumball. First time writing on this website, so I thought who better to do than my favorite boios Marhsall Lee and Gumball? This story is only going to be small one shot ideas or if I’m feel brave enough full smuts or fluff, if you read this and see any mistakes in spelling or my writing please let me know!

  7. 9 de feb. de 2024 · Flame Prince has to make some hard decisions to keep his kingdom under his control, forcing Prince Gumball into an uncomfortable position. Marshall is left bitter at the situation, while Finn is still on the hunt for love.

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