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  1. The Bastl Midilooper is an experimental device that will help you do just that. It listens to control information about notes, dynamics, and other parameters, and it loops them in a way an audio looper would process pieces of audio.

  2. Chrome, Opera & Edge are the only browsers currently supporting Web-MIDI natively. Chrome for Android will work. You can connect MIDI devices via a USB-OTG cable.

  3. Looper MIDI de 3 canales. Con más de 256 compases de tiempo de grabación para notas y MIDI CC. Cuantificar durante la grabación. Funciones: Overdub / Overwrite y Undo / Redo. Parámetros editables por loop: Transposición, transposición de octava, longitud, cuantización, reproducción aleatoria, estiramiento y velocidad. Tap Tempo.

  4. Loop multi-layered sounds and complex rhythms in real-time, quantized to the beat with a unique sync mode, or choose between 6 other looping modes. Liveloop comes with a complex set of features, FX, and Plug-ins support such as VST and M4L.

  5. Trigger loop from MIDI notes (mono/polyphonic, with optional transposition), or automate the play parameters. Play/mute groups. Force to freely definable scale, and transpose within the scale, optionally based on MIDI input.

  6. 31 de jul. de 2023 · The MIDI Sync technology comes in limited looper pedals. Such loop pedals permit you to synchronize your loops to external MIDI devices. For example, you can sync your creative loops with other musicians and instruments, such as MIDI drum machines, sequencers, and synthesizers.

  7. A particularly noteworthy feature of Ableton Live is the fact that you can also control each function via MIDI, e.g., individual looper features can be controlled via an external MIDI foot pedal without using the mouse or keyboard.