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  1. Gibraltarball was born and grew its parent with Spainball during the time of the crusade, in the year 1404. Then after the treaty of Utrecht, its parent UKball ruled him in 1713 after three centuries. Nowadays, Gibraltarball is an happy dependency of UKball, claimed by Spainball.

  2. Gibraltarball es la Countryball que representa la ciudad de Gibraltar y el Territorio de Ultramar colonia Británico de Gibraltar. == Descripción == Su nombre viene del árabe Ẏabal Tāriq, antiguamente…

  3. While Gibraltar is way north (it's not an island btw but a peninsula with a narrow neck and a massive (1400 feet tall) limestone monolith that has so many tunnels and chambers in it that there were 15,000 troops stationed there in WWII), the Falklands are way way South.

  4. The British Empire: Gibraltar | Countryballs. YES! The worst show on the internet finally returns after almost 2 months of hiatus. Some of you may know that I was sick for a while so this video...

  5. Francoist Spainball, officially known as the Spanish Stateball and the Kingdom of Spainball, was a fascist countryball in Iberia and was the predecessor state to modern-day Spainball. It was the last countryball that made the continuation of the Spanish Empireball having control over Morocco and the Sahara.

  6. Im trying to get info over the gibraltar countryball for my comics, does anyone know comics where they can be found?

  7. Gibraltarball nació siendo Gibraltar Españolball como parte de Imperio Españolball en el año 1404 pero después del tratado de Utrecht paso a ser de RUball en 1703, adoptandolo y renombrandolo como Gibraltarball hasta la actualidad.