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  1. Focusing adverbs such as also, just, even, only mainly, mostly, particularly, especially, either or, neither nor, etc. differ because they point to a part of a clause. Focusing adverbs can modify noun phrases, prepositional phrases, verb phrases, adjective phrases and adverbial phrases.

  2. The most common focussing adverbs are as follows: Generally, largely, mainly, simply, particularly, notably, primarily, chiefly, (e)specially, mostly Here are some examples of how we can use these adverbs:

  3. What is a focusing adverb? Focusing adverbs are used to draw attention to a particular part of a clause. They frequently point to verb phrases, but they can also draw attention to noun phrases, prepositional phrases, adjective phrases, and adverbial phrases.

  4. 20 de oct. de 2022 · Focusing adverbs are used to emphasize a particular part of a sentence. They’re typically positioned next to the word they’re drawing attention to. Some common focusing adverbs include: “only,” “just,” “especially,” “even,” “either,” and “neither.”

  5. 10 de sept. de 2015 · 78.8K subscribers. Subscribed. 2.8K. 107K views 8 years ago Advanced English B2 - C1. This is an Advanced English lesson about focus adverbs for B2/C1 level learners and for people that want to...

  6. Adverbs Of Focus. | Subject : Examples / Exercises |. Only He Speaks English. Only They come late. Only She Completes Home Work. Only He Writes a letter. Only He learns Auto-Cad. Only It Connects. Only She speaks English.

  7. Focusing adverbs. I just wanted to ask you what you thought. I wouldn’t particularly like to move to a modern house. See also: Adverbs. Evaluative adverbs ( surprisingly) and viewpoint adverbs ( personally) We put some adverbs outside the clause.

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