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  1. Echoes (エコーズ, Ekōzu) is the Stand of Koichi Hirose, featured primarily in Diamond is Unbreakable and appearing briefly in Vento Aureo. Rare among Stands, Echoes takes three distinct forms called "ACTs", which Koichi may call upon alternately.

  2. 4 de jul. de 2024 · Echoes ACT1 creating a sound on Kobayashi. Echoes ACT1 can write anything on any surface or person. If it is an onomatopoeia, typically in Katakana, a sound related to the onomatopoeia in question will be produced. If it is a sentence written in Kanji, the words will influence the target's state of mind.

  3. 3 de nov. de 2010 · Echoes is a game set in a futuristic universe where you can command and control your army and your hero. You can play the first act for free on Newgrounds and follow the game's Facebook page for updates.

  4. Creador de Sonidos: Echoes ACT1 puede escribir un efecto de sonido en katakana sobre cualquier cosa, desde carne humana hasta el suelo, y hacer que el sonido se repita una y otra vez con un volumen cada vez más elevado. Echoes puede disparar efectos de sonido tanto desde su cola como de sus manos.

  5. 536K views 7 years ago. After Tamami threatens Koichi's family, his inner bravery awakens along with his previously docile Stand. SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE! All rights of . ...more. After ...

  6. 18 de jun. de 2024 · Echoes Act 1: A Familiar Voice Quest Steps. Step 1: Decrypt an Echo Engram at the War Table in the H.E.L.M. With this quest active, you will need to go to the H.E.L.M. and interact with the War Table to decrypt at least 1 Echo Engram. Visit War Table. Step 2: Within the Pale Heart, Allies band together…

  7. 7 de jun. de 2024 · The first mission of Echoes’ first act, A Familiar Voice, says that “within the Pale Heart, allies band together” and asks them to thwart the Final Shape.