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  1. 31 de oct. de 2023 · IMDb, brilliant as it is, lists this as an episode of a 1992 Spanish(?) TV series and gives the same air date (Aug 5th 1992) for both versions even though that obviously doesn't make sense. They also suggest this "episode" was shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 2, 1996.

  2. Hace 10 horas · On 31 October 1992, Pope John Paul II acknowledged that the Inquisition had erred in condemning Galileo for asserting that the Earth revolves around the Sun. "John Paul said the theologians who condemned Galileo did not recognize the formal distinction between the Bible and its interpretation."

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    Hace 3 días · The result of this was nearly catastrophic, as the forces of the arrogant officer were decimated; Xinzhong Yao states that the death toll was 60,000. Nonetheless, Shen was successful in defending his fortifications and the only possible Tangut invasion-route to Yanzhou.

  4. 31 de oct. de 2023 · In a totalitarian future, in a nightmare metropolis, inhabited only by criminals and police, Erik Lonnrot, a gifted detective, investigates a series of strange murders and disappearances that seem to implicate a insane crime lord. (Re-released in 1996 as a feature film, 86 minutes.)

  5. Hace 3 días · v. t. e. Marxism–Leninism is a communist ideology that became the largest faction of the communist movement in the world in the years following the October Revolution. It was the predominant ideology of most socialist governments throughout the 20th century. [1]

  6. Hace 1 día · John Travolta opened up about a near-death experience that happened to him back in 1992 at a special screening of his new film, The Shepherd, in London on Thanksgiving.