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  1. 01 of 05 Cat Allergies BSIP / UIG / Getty Images It is understandable why people with allergies to cats refuse to be anywhere near them. They may not "hate" cats per se, but they may justifiably hate the way cat dander triggers their mild to severe allergy symptoms.

  2. The Cat That Hated People is a 1948 American animated short film directed by Tex Avery and produced by Fred Quimby, featuring Blackie the Cat. Blackie's voice was supplied by Patrick McGeehan in the style of Jimmy Durante; incidental music was directed by Scott Bradley.

  3. _ Haters want you to believe cats don’t really care about their people. Stromberg points to a series of studies by Daniel Mills at the University of London and other researchers that show cats...

  4. Naturally cats attract only the most discerning, compassionate humans—the ones who have no time to hate cats! “My cat just became the spokes-tabby for a new line of hybrid SUVs. Watch for her commercial!” Even Grumpy Cat would approve! The thought of a cat promoting a gleaming, earth-friendly vehicle will rattle your neighbor’s transmission.

  5. Below is a list of 10 signs to look for. If you see one of these behaviors, it doesn't necessarily mean your cat hates your guts, but if the behavior gets predictable and if it's combined with these other expressions of feline disapproval, it's probably a sign that somebody isn't your biggest fan. 1.

  6. Research says cats are selfish, unfeeling creatures. (Angry Pflümli) For years, dog and cat owners have been bickering over the relative merits of each type of pet. But in recent years ...

  7. 01 of 07 Cats Hate Feeling Lonely @minipiekitchen / Instagram Contrary to popular belief, cats are not solitary animals! It’s true that you can leave your cat alone for longer bouts than you could a dog, but kitties crave attention, companionship, and love just like any other furry friend—or human.