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  1. The national flag of Brazil is a blue disc with a starry sky and a yellow rhombus, on a green field. It was adopted in 1889 to replace the previous flag of the Empire of Brazil, which had 21 stars. The flag has 27 stars in its current version, each representing a federal unit. The motto \"Ordem e Progresso\" means \"order and progress\".

  2. República La bandera actual está basada en la antigua bandera del Imperio de Brasil creada por Jean-Baptiste Debret en 1820. Los cambios fueron ideados por un grupo de miembros de la Iglesia Positivista, compuesto por Raimundo Teixeira Mendes, Miguel Lemos y Manuel Pereira Reis. El diseño del disco azul fue ejecutado por el pintor Décio Vilares.

  3. Learn about the flag of Brazil, a national symbol of the country's history, culture and identity. Find out how the flag was designed, when it was adopted, and what its colors and symbols mean.

  4. Learn about the history, design and meaning of the Brazilian flag, which features a green field with a yellow diamond and a blue globe with stars. Find out the symbols and currency of Brazil, such as the coat of arms, the national anthem and the motto \"Ordem e Progresso\".

  5. Download flag of Brazil. The draft of the Brazilian flag was designed by professor Teixeira Mendes together with several astronomers and painter Decio Vilares. The flag has truly unique design - the globe in the center of the flag shows the night sky exactly as it could be observed on November 15, 1889 at 8:30 am from Rio de Janeiro (on this ...

  6. List of Brazilian flags National Flags. The green background represents the house of Bragança. The yellow rhombus represents the house of... Government flags. Dark green rectangle (ratio 2:3) holding the national coat of arms on its center. ... Diplomatic services flags. Military flags. ...

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