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  1. Unlike Rush, after passing through all rooms, Blitz has a chance to turn pink and rebound to the location that a player is hiding in, similar to Ambush. Blitz can rebound multiple times before leaving, depending on the time limit left, although most commonly, it will rebound only once or twice.

  2. 18 de mar. de 2024 · Today I Show you how YOU can survive "Blitz" in this quick and easy tutorial! The Blitz is a roblox doors entity/monster which can be found in the new sub-level called the backdoor!...

  3. Roblox - DOORS: "THE BACKDOOR" - All JumpscaresTimecode:00:00 Blitz Brother00:11 Blitz Sister00:24 LookMan00:40 Haste01:02 VacuumGame:

  4. Blitz is a supporting antagonist in the Roblox horror-game Doors, specifically appearing as a rusher entity similar to both Rush and Ambush. Blitz, however, shares a few traits from both. Blitz appears extremely similarly to Rush, being a distorted face with blank, pitch black eyes, and a...

  5. 23 de mar. de 2024 · Doors hunt blitz all sounds. Void teeths. 603 subscribers. Subscribed. 181. 11K views 2 months ago Backdoor sounds.

  6. Blitz is A 2D rusher entity that moves at insane speeds. Blitz resembles a large face with a gaping mouth and voided eyes, with a red glitchy effect making it difficult to see specific details. It is similar in appearance to Ambush, but even closer to A-90's Jumpscare face. it is surrounded by a...

  7. Welcome to the Official Wiki for DOORS, a ROBLOX horror game developed by LSPLASH and RediblesQW. Make sure to follow the Wiki Rules and Manual of Style before you begin editing on the wiki. There are currently 187 active users, 54,342 total edits, and 3,843 files uploaded!

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