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  1. In the Back to the Future franchise, the DeLorean time machine is a time travel vehicle constructed from a retrofitted DMC DeLorean. Its time travel ability is derived from the "flux capacitor", a component that allows the car to travel to the past or future (though not through space).

  2. 9 de may. de 2020 · Celebrate Back to the Future's 35th anniversary on Faceboo... Travel back to the first time you saw a DeLorean go 88 mph... and vanish into flaming tire tracks!

  3. The DeLorean Time Machine was Dr. Emmett Brown 's most successful invention, a plutonium -powered time machine built on a DeLorean DMC-12 sports car that had to reach 88 miles per hour in order to time travel . On November 5, 1955, Doc was standing on the edge of his toilet, while hanging a clock in his bathroom.

  4. Original scene from the first Back To The Future movie This is the scene where the DeLorean is introduced for the first time, serving as a time machine made by Doc Brown.

  5. There are 55 separate automobiles and trucks in Back to the Future that are identified in, the "Internet Movie Cars Database", the newest of which were the 1984 AMC Eagle Wagon driven by Jennifer Parker's father, and the 1984 BMW 733i owned by George McFly towards the movie's end.

  6. La máquina del tiempo DeLorean, en inglés DeLorean time machine, es un artefacto ficticio para realizar un viaje a través del tiempo de la trilogía de películas de Back to the Future, basado en el DMC DeLorean de 1981. Fue inventada por el doctor Emmett Brown en 1985.

  7. 18 de oct. de 2023 · Can You Buy the Back to the Future Car? If you want to have your own 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 time machine in your driveway, we have good news and bad news.