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  1. Arabesque es una posición fundamental en el ballet en la que una de las piernas hace de soporte mientras la otra está levantada y estirada detrás, a 90 grados o más, a su vez los brazos se encuentran sostenidos en distintas posiciones creando una línea larga y estilizada de todo el cuerpo.

  2. Arabesque (French:; literally, "in Arabic fashion") in dance, particularly ballet, is a body position in which a dancer stands on one leg–the supporting leg–with the other leg–the working leg–turned out and extended behind the body, with both legs held straight.

  3. Discover more at Romany Pajdak, Royal Ballet First Artist, demonstrates a series of arabesques. The arabesque is one of the most basic static poses in ballet, the...

  4. 20 de oct. de 2009 · 348K views 13 years ago. The arabesque: one of the most beautiful, delightful, and complicated parts of the ballet syllabus. Done correctly, it can be a joy to perform as well as to watch. Done...

  5. 28 de oct. de 2011 · An arabesque is a position in ballet in which your leg is directly behind you up in the air and both your standing leg as well as the leg up in the air are turned out. You want to make sure...

  6. 23 de sept. de 2023 · Learn how the arabesque, a striking and iconic pose in ballet and other dance forms, showcases a dancer’s control, balance, and artistic expression. Explore the historical roots, technical aspects, and storytelling potential of this beautiful movement.

  7. 16 de ago. de 2023 · Learn the definition, importance, and technique of the Arabesque position in ballet, a classic pose that showcases balance, extension, and control. Discover the muscles, movements, and tips to master this elegant and graceful pose.

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