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    Alice in Wonderland (1999) Made-for-TV movie. Cheshire Cat voiced by Whoopi Goldberg. A grinning cat who teaches Alice "the rules" of Wonderland. Her favorite pastime is appearing and disappearing. A fluffy grey cat with a human face and feline features Alice in Wonderland (2010), directed by Tim Burton. Live-action film.

  2. Cheshire Cat, fictional character, a cat notable for its broad grin and its ability to disappear and reappear at will, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) by Lewis Carroll. The phrase “grin like a Cheshire cat” predates Carroll’s story, and, although experts have guessed at its meaning, its.

  3. Learn about the Cheshire Cat, the cat of the Duchess and the only character in Wonderland who listens to Alice. Find out its origin, appearance, personality, quotes and more from this analysis of the character.

  4. In the Alice in Wonderland stage, the Cheshire Cat's grin was among the obstacles that appear in the maze as the player seeks out Alice's missing head and back. Despite this, the Cheshire Cat's image was among the heroes on the door to the storybook, confirming that he is one of them.

  5. The Cheshire Cat is a mysterious and wise creature that appears and disappears at will in Wonderland. It challenges Alice's assumptions about madness and helps her understand the rules of the land.

  6. The Cheshire Cat is a fictional character from the novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Alice first encounters it at the Duchess's house in her kitchen, and then later outside on the branches of a tree, where it appears and disappears at will, engaging Alice in amusing but...

  7. The Cheshire Cat is Alice Liddell 's primary ally and principal companion in Wonderland. He is a talking cat that constantly smiles, and can disappear at will. Although a friend to Alice, the Cheshire Cat commonly has a snarky attitude towards her and she always returns the same treatment.

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