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  1. Hace 7 horas · Zorro, The Gay Blade; My Oldest Friend; Tune Tuesday – Guitar Man; 18 years later – 9/11; The Power to Choose; Time. Life. Death. Ripples. Voices of the Past; Holy Batman Day! Quotes I Needed To Hear Today; Par For The Course … 100 “Let It Go!” “My heart’s all a flutter…” Midweek Music – Norah Jones; Favorite Film – The 70’s

  2. Hace 7 horas · Blog sobre literatura, cine, Historia, música... Sobre la vida.

  3. Hace 7 horas · This is a list of actors who have played multiple roles in the same film.This does not include: Actors who play a character with multiple names and/or a secret identity (e.g. superheroes); Actors who play multiple copies of a single character (e.g. Vittorio Gassman and Don Adams [as St. Sauvage and Maxwell Smart, respectively] in The Nude Bomb, Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in The Matrix series ...