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    • I am a Resident

      The Residents, long known as one of the most mysterious and...

    • Boo Who

      If you are new to The Residents, deciding where to start can...

    • News Machine

      Out Now! The final pieces in The Residents' much delayed...

    • Huddled Masses

      Hacienda Bridge is life after The Residents for Charles...

    • Watch Me

      Music Videos; Dance! Dance! Dance! Bury My Bone; DIE! DIE!...


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  2. The Residents es un concepto concebido por un colectivo de arte pop estadounidense de avant-garde activo desde principios de los años 70. Este es reconocido por su música pop/rock experimental y sus obras multimedia , compuestas por videos musicales, cortometrajes, tres CD-ROMs , diez DVD y mini-series para Internet .

  3. The Residents are an American art collective and art rock band best known for their avant-garde music and multimedia works. Since their first official release, Meet the Residents (1974), they have released over 60 albums, numerous music videos and short films, three CD-ROM projects, and ten DVDs.

  4. The Residents. More images. Profile: US avant-garde group based in San Francisco. The official inception of the Residents was the release of Meet The Residents in 1974, but members of the group had worked together since 1969 or perhaps earlier.

  5. Discografía oficial del colectivo estadounidense de música experimental The Residents. Incluye más de 60 lanzamientos entre álbumes, EPs, sencillos y DVDs desde 1972.

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