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  1. Brisbane Powerhouse is Queensland's home for contemporary culture, a magnificent power station of the 1920s reborn as an arts centre on the Brisbane River.

  2. a country, organization, or person with a lot of influence, power, or energy: Germany is an economic powerhouse. The university is no longer the academic powerhouse that it once was. She's a powerhouse of original ideas and solutions. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases People in charge of or controlling other people acephalous

  3. Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse was a British blues rock studio group formed in 1966. They recorded three songs, which were released on the Elektra Records compilation What's Shakin' in 1966. A possible fourth song remained unreleased.

  4. The meaning of POWERHOUSE is power plant. How to use powerhouse in a sentence. power plant; a source of influence or inspiration; one having great power: such as…

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    Powerhouse (rock band), a British hard rock band which formed after the breakup of the band Geordie in 1984. Powerhouse (1997 band), reached #38 in the UK with "Rhythm of the Night" in December 1997. Powerhouse (1999 band), responsible for 1999's "What You Need". Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse, a British blues studio supergroup formed in 1966.

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  7. 30 de nov. de 2023 · Henry Kissinger, a controversial Nobel Peace Prize winner and diplomatic powerhouse whose service as secretary of state under U.S. presidents Nixon and Ford left an indelible mark on U.S. foreign ...