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  1. Born in New London, CT, on November 17, 1947, young Robert Antoni started his musical evolution singing when he was eight and nine years old, picking up an instrument around the age of 14 with influences coming from the Beatles, the Who, Cream, the Move, and other artists riding into America on British waves.

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    Stewkey The Nazz was an American rock band formed in Philadelphia in 1967. The group was founded by guitarist and principal songwriter Todd Rundgren and bassist Carson Van Osten . [3]

  3. Discover Hello It's Crazy Me [Special Edition] by Stewkey released in 2004. Find album reviews, track lists, credits, awards and more at AllMusic.

  4. 17 de sept. de 2021 · Stewkey was in fact going to Florida — a well planned springtime break rocking & moving in Feb of 1967 — once the automobile he was generating blew up in Philly. That twist of destiny provided him pause in addition to his participation within the group Elizabeth, a softer folky rock-band.

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  6. 24 de abr. de 2018 · Stewkey Blues is a popular nickname for Stiffkey Blue Cockles which are only found at Stiffkey. The name ‘Stiffkey’ is actually pronounced ‘Stewkey’ and the cockles have a dark grey-blue shell – hence the name. They indeed have a different colour from other types of cockles around England.

  7. TR BAZAAR.COM - Stewkey. Stewkey Antoni was the lead vocalist and keyboard player for the Philadelphia-based 60's band Nazz. Later, Stewkey was in the bands "Fuse" and "Sick Man Of Europe," with Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick. He is now writing, recording, and performing again!

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  9. A Google search of "stiffkey stewkey" found 870 results, most of which seems to be valid, independent pages, many of them from local sources, indicating that the preferred local pronunciation is "Stewkey". This aligns with my own experience in talking with people born in the county, which has a number of similar oddly pronounced ...

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  11. Listen to "Mods!" by Mods, Stewkey on any music platform - Free smart music links by Songwhip

  12. The "original" 1968 version by Todd Rundgren with his group Nazz. Lead vocals of Robert 'Stewkey' Antoni

  13. 7 de ene. de 2014 · The ‘Stewkey’ pronunciation was the infallible mark of a foreigner, and the ‘Stivequay’ version was locally accepted as a legitimate archaic spelling. There was a popular theory that the local dialect had some similarities with Frisian, which might have some bearing on the transition from ‘v’ to ‘f’, as in Frisian ...