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  1. Steven Katz (born May 9, 1945) [1] is a guitarist, singer, and record producer who is best known as a member of the rock-pop-jazz group Blood, Sweat & Tears. Katz was an original member of the rock bands the Blues Project and American Flyer.

  2. Steve Katz es un guitarrista, armonicista y cantante norteamericano de rock, nacido el 9 de mayo de 1945, en Brooklyn, Nueva York. Historial. Estudió guitarra con Dave Van Ronk y con Reverend Gary Davis, a comienzo de los años 1960.

  3. Legendary guitarist Steve Katz is or at least was definitely a rock star: a pioneer of the blues-rock genre with his early 1960s band, the Blues Project; a f...

  4. Steve Katz (Nueva York, 1935) es escritor. Es considerado un escritor posmoderno temprano o vanguardista por obras como The Exagggerations of Peter Prince (1968) y Saw (1972).

  5. Steve Katz. 3.40. 20 ratings7 reviews. The first work of fiction ever to hide a hippopotamus. Saw is a milestone novel of the seventies. For the first time what has come to be recognized as a common modern neurosis, astronaut angst, gets full play in the fictional universe.

  6. Steve Katz (May 14, 1935 – August 4, 2019) was an American writer. He is considered an early post-modern or avant-garde writer for works such as The Exagggerations of Peter Prince (1968), and Saw (1972).

  7. 2 de oct. de 2021 · Katz, who is now 76, is a founding member of the hit music group Blood, Sweat & Tears, part of the group Blues Project and winner of three Grammy Awards. He sold nearly 29 million records throughout his music career. Katz spent the first five years of his life in Brooklyn and Queens, N.Y., and later lived in Schenectady and Patterson, N.Y.