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  1. ' Something ' (or any words formed by the prefix 'some') refers to the existence of a thing or person. We are sure (asserted) of the existence of a thing/person, we just do not know who or what. On the other hand, when we use ' anything ' (or any words formed by the prefix 'any') we are not sure (asserted) of the existence of a thing/person.

  2. 1972 studio album by Todd Rundgren Something/Anything? Studio album by Todd Rundgren ReleasedFebruary 1972 RecordedLate 1971 Studio I.D. Sound Studios and Runt Recorders, Los Angeles The Record Plant, New York City Bearsville Studios, Woodstock Genre Rock pop R&B psychedelia Length90:33 LabelBearsville ProducerTodd Rundgren Todd Rundgren chronology Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren Something/Anything? A Wizard, a True Star Singles from Something/Anything? "I Saw the Light / Marlene" Released: Ma

  3. Similar to the word something, the word anything is generally used as a pronoun. My definition of the word anything is whatever; I don’t care what it is. The word anything is generally used in negative sentences: Here are some examples to help clear this up: I didn’t get anything for my birthday.

  4. Aprende más sobre la diferencia entre "anything" y "something" a continuación. anything ( eh - ni - thihng ) pronombre 1. (en frases negativas) a. nada I didn't hear anything last night. Anoche no oí nada. 2. (lo que sea) a. cualquier cosa I'd do anything for her love. Haría cualquier cosa por su amor. 3. (en preguntas y oraciones condicionales)

  5. I thought "anything" was correct, because "any" is used in question. But "something" was the correct answer in the book. Why was "something" correct? Answer: You are right that as a general rule "any" is usually used in questions, rather than "some." But not always. In some cases you would want to use "some" instead.

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