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  1. Strange Days on Planet Earth es un programa de televisión de cuatro partes (1 hora cada uno) en PBS sobre el impacto humano en el medio ambiente. Está narrado por Edward Norton. El espectáculo fue producido por Sea Studios Foundation.

  2. Catch-Up Shows DON'T MISS Hitler's Last StandNazi Tank Hunters monday 27 november 2023 at 7:00pm Magic of Disney's Animal KingdomMeet the Mandrills monday 27 november 2023 at 8:00pm Egypt with the World's Greatest ExplorerOff the Map monday 27 november 2023 at 9:00pm High MaintenanceEpisode 4 monday 27 november 2023 at 10:00pm

  3. National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth, premiering in Spring 2005 on PBS, explores these questions. Drawing upon research being generated by a new discipline, Earth System Science (ESS), the series aims to create an innovative type of environmental awareness.

  4. National Geographic's award-winning series Strange Days On Planet Earth raises public understanding about how individuals are interconnected to our planet's life systems.

  5. Strange Days on Planet Earth is a four-part (1 hour each) television program on PBS concerning human impact on the environment. It is narrated by Edward Norton . The show was produced by Sea Studios Foundation .

  6. At the heart of Strange Days on Planet Earth is the award-winning PBS series, hosted and narrated by Academy Award nominee Edward Norton. Strange Days first aired in the spring of 2005,...

  7. Strange Days on Planet Earth: Dangerous Catch In the no-holds-barred frontier of the ocean, industrialised fishers and pirates grab what they can of the dwindling bounty of marine life. Surprisingly, the reduction of fish stocks is just the beginning of this strange story.