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  1. Mom and Dad. 2017 | Calificación por edades: 16+ | Comedias. Parents across the country suddenly develop an overwhelming urge to murder their offspring and the children are forced to fend for themselves. Protagonizada por: Nicolas Cage,Selma Blair,Anne Winters.

  2. 9 de mar. de 2018 · Comedy Horror Thriller A teenage girl and her younger brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origin causes parents to turn violently on their own kids. Director Brian Taylor Writer Brian Taylor Stars Nicolas Cage Selma Blair Anne Winters See production, box office & company info Watch on Hulu

  3. Mum gives Lena a dress for Christmas and they get her to try it on. Dad arrives in Lena's room wearing a dress, and unties her, causing her to stab him with the weapon she stole from the torture chamber. She makes her way downstairs, followed by Dad, who collapses, causing Mum and Birdie to rush to help him.

  4. Mum & Dad - Trailer 851,676 views May 9, 2008 996 Dislike Share Save janetvandyne 120 subscribers Subscribe Trailer for the horror film 'Mum & Dad', written and directed by Steven Sheil. Not...

  5. 👪 Mums and Dads | Bluey | Disney Junior UK DisneyJuniorUK 11.3M subscribers 3.7M views 2 years ago #Bluey #DisneyJuniorUK Rusty and Indy want to play mums and dads but they can't seem to...

  6. When and when not to do so in various instances. When a family title word (Mom or Dad) is being used as a replacement for the name of the referred person, then it is capitalized. However, in instances other than that, the family title is not capitalized in the sentence. Although this oversimplifies things a little bit, the rules to adopt for ...

  7. 7 de ago. de 2013 · I'm pretty sure "Mom and Dad" is standard in English. Without commenting on 'who comes first', I'd like to point out that the term Mom is not common in British English, where the usual term is Mum, as in Mum & Dad or Mummy & Daddy.

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