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  1. 13, Never, Sourvein, Electric Wizard. Liz Buckingham is a guitarist originating from New York City, currently residing in England. Active as a musician since 1992, she has been known as a sludge guitarist with 13 and Sourvein but is best known as one of the guitarists for Electric Wizard since 2004.

  2. 24 de oct. de 2011 · Liz Buckingham is a leather-clad, self-taught axeslinger who brought one of metal's most important bands back from the brink with her leaden riffs. She also serves as an inspiration for...

  3. 2 de nov. de 2017 · To commemorate this grim occasion, we had the pleasure of speaking with the Wizard’s legendary guitarist and doom scene veteran Liz Buckingham, wife of band founder Jus Oborn and one-half of Electric Wizard’s songwriting team since 2003.

  4. 6 de sept. de 2022 · Liz Buckingham is an American guitarist. She started playing with the sludge/doom metal bands 13 then Sourvein before moving to England and joining Electric Wizard. She's married to Jus Oborn . Active Bands. Past Bands. Misc. staff. Links. Electric Wizard. Guitars (2003-present)

  5. 7 de oct. de 2014 · Time To Die, the new album by Electric Wizard, has been released to widespread critical acclaim. It is nasty, brutal, and actually quite long. Liz Buckingham, guitarist and co-songwriter since 2004’s We Live, explains the influence of the notorious Ricky Kasso on the obsessive mindset that produced this ‘cursed’ record, and ...

  6. 5 de ene. de 2018 · Electric Wizard: (l-r) Liz Buckingham, Jus Oborn, Simon Poole, Clayton Burgess. Wimborne, Dorset, was the place where, growing up, Oborn decided to change himself. He plotted the band that became Electric Wizard back in 1985, when he was 13. “It was quite oppressive,” he says of Wimborne then.

  7. 2 de nov. de 2017 · Liz also picks five albums “for the strictly uninitiated“ to hear to get “in the mood“ for 'Wizard Bloody Wizard.'