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  1. King Kobra fue una banda de glam metal fundada por el reconocido baterista Carmine Appice, luego de su colaboración con Ozzy Osbourne en 1984. 1 . Historia. La banda incluía cuatro músicos relativamente desconocidos: el vocalista Mark Free, el guitarrista David Michael-Philips, el bajista Johnny Rod y el guitarrista Mick Sweda.

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    King Kobra is an American heavy metal band founded by drummer Carmine Appice after his tenure with Ozzy Osbourne from 1983 to 1984. [1] History. For their first two albums, the band consisted of four relatively unknown musicians: vocalist Marcie Free, guitarist David Michael-Philips, guitarist Mick Sweda, and bassist Johnny Rod. [1] .

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    King Kobra. @KingKobraOfficial ‧. ‧. 3.97K subscribers ‧ 7 videos. Official Youtube channel for the legendary 80's hard rock band KING KOBRA founded by drummer Carmine Appice.

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  5. King Kobra – Official King Kobra. The official web site for KING KOBRA featuring Carmine Appice, David Henzerling, Johnny Rod, & Paul Shortino.

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  7. 27 de jul. de 2018 · "Hunger" taken off of the debut album Ready To Strike (1985). Download & Stream & Listen to KING KOBRA:Official Site...