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    Hace 2 días · John Milton Cage Jr. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992) was an American composer and music theorist. A pioneer of indeterminacy in music , electroacoustic music , and non-standard use of musical instruments , Cage was one of the leading figures of the post-war avant-garde .

  2. John Cage, in full John Milton Cage, Jr., (born September 5, 1912, Los Angeles, California, U.S.—died August 12, 1992, New York, New York), American avant-garde composer whose inventive compositions and unorthodox ideas profoundly influenced mid-20th-century music.

  3. 25 de ago. de 2020 · Explore John Cage's Personal Library. Cage’s personal library, housed at the John Cage Trust, is a reflection of his wide ranging influences and interests. The library, photographed by James Daubney in the Cage/Cunningham loft, has now been carefully catalogued and can be explored here.

  4. 30 de may. de 2023 · John Cage: A Guide to John Cage’s Life and Artistic Influence. Written by MasterClass. Last updated: Jun 7, 2021 • 5 min read. As one of the most influential American composers of the twentieth century, John Cage is known for his contributions to music, art, dance, and philosophy.

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    John Cage was an American artist best known for his Minimalist musical compositions. View John Cage’s 264 artworks on artnet. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. See available prints and multiples, works on paper, and sculpture for sale and learn about the artist.

  6. 17 de may. de 2018 · John Cage >American avant-garde composer John Cage (1912-1992) experimented with the >nature of sound and devised new systems of musical notation [1]. His >innovative ideas on composition and performance influenced musicians, >painters, and choreographers.

  7. 23 de may. de 2023 · #JohnCage #InterviewThere are two things that don't have to mean anything, one is music and the other is laughter.Get premium organic pure tea, no additives:...

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    22 de may. de 2023 · John Cage es uno de los artistas más importantes de la segunda mitad del siglo XX, a pesar de que muchos consideren que la calidad de sus composiciones no está a la altura de la de sus escritos y reflexiones. Nace en EEUU en 1912 y entre sus principales maestros de composición destacan Henry Cowell y Arnold Schoemberg.

  9. 19 de may. de 2023 · Por Santiago García. 19 May, 2023. Compartir. Nicolas Cage es un astrofísico que busca entender los presagios escritos en una capsula del tiempo. (Netflix) En 1959, una escuela primaria de ...

  10. 24 de may. de 2023 · John Cage, “Lecture on Something”, Silence: Lectures and Writings. The sound of silence. Cage’s most revolutionary—some would even say notorious—pieceis his composition, 4’33” (Four Minutes, Thirty-Three Seconds) (1952),the three movements of which are performed without a single note.

  11. 1 de jun. de 2023 · John Cage was given a book of the I Ching (Book of Changes), a classic Chinese text that uses a hexagram symbol, to create order out of seemingly random occurrences. The I Ching hexagrams One of the first works that he used the I Ching for was Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (March No. 2) in 1951.

  12. 29 de may. de 2023 · Avant-garde classical music composer John Cage invented the prepared piano technique for his 1940 dance piece Bacchanale. His goal was to create percussive music using only a grand piano. John Cage's prepared piano technique has inspired other composers to modify piano strings.

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