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  1. traducir chapter: capítulo, cabildo, sección, rama, capítulo [masculine], etapa [feminine]. Más información en el diccionario inglés-español. Diccionario

  2. chapter n (section in a book) capítulo nm : At eighty chapters, it's a very long book. Con sus 80 capítulos, es un libro muy extenso. chapter n (branch of an organization) sección nf : división nf : sucursal nf : Camille is president of the local chapter of the women's club. Camille es la presidenta de la sección local del club de mujeres.

  3. chapter noun [C] (BOOK) any of the separate parts into which a book or other piece of text is divided, usually given a number or title: Read Chapter 10 before class tomorrow. The main characters are clearly delineated in the first chapter of the book.

  4. b. : something resembling a chapter in being a significant specified unit. a new chapter in my life. 2. a. : a regular meeting of the canons of a cathedral or collegiate church or of the members of a religious house. b. : the body of canons of a cathedral or collegiate church. 3.

  5. Chapters Features: - Choose your story! Dive in and start making choices that affect the overall outcome! - Adventures start with you choosing your name and style to reflect your personality. - All stories come with info directly from the author! - You can even create and publish your own interactive stories:

  6. n. 1. a. One of the main divisions of a relatively lengthy piece of writing, such as a book, that is usually numbered or titled. b. One of the main divisions of a video recording, usually accessible through an onscreen menu. 2.

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    Chapter (books), a main division of a piece of writing or document; Chapter book, a story book intended for intermediate readers, generally age 7–10; Chapters (bookstore), Canadian big box bookstore banner; Buildings and divisions. Chapter (religion), an assembly of members in a religious order