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  1. Hace 9 horas · Timothée Hal Chalamet (English: / ˈ t ɪ m ə θ i ˈ ʃ æ l ə m eɪ / TIM-ə-thee SHAL-ə-may; born December 27, 1995) is an American and French actor. He has received various accolades, including nominations for an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and three BAFTA Film Awards.. Chalamet began his career as a teenager in television, appearing in the drama series Homeland in 2012.

  2. Hace 9 horas · Has it been 10 years? Yes, and thus, Paramount said Thursday that it will re-release Christopher Nolan‘s 2014 fall tentpole Interstellar. The Warner Bros co-production will hit theaters this fall. The movie grossed $188 million at the box office stateside, and north of $733M worldwide. Prints for Interstellar will include 70MM and Imax. The movie

  3. Hace 9 horas · Interstellar precursors to life are complex organic molecules that are found in interstellar space. These molecules are the building blocks of life and are thought to have played a crucial role in the formation of life on Earth. Some of the most common interstellar precursors to life include amino acids, sugars, and nucleobases.

  4. Hace 9 horas · #movie #movieclips #film #moviescenes #clip

  5. Interstellar back in my local regal and imax but the showings are standard ): OTHER Share Add a Comment. Be the first to comment Nobody's responded to this post yet. Add your thoughts and get the conversation going. Top 2% Rank by size . More posts you may like Related discussions ...

  6. Hace 9 horas · Luminous Wolf-Rayet Star: WR 124 shines at the heart of Webb's composite image, blending NIRCam and MIRI views for a stunning nebula portrait. Explore NASA's top 10 mesmerising images of stars, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, revealing the intricate beauty and mysteries of star formation, stellar environments, and more.

  7. Hace 9 horas · 2. The Expanse. Image credit: IMDb. Based on the novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey, The Expanse is one of the best TV shows like 3 Body Problem to put on your watchlist. Set in a future where mankind has established colonies throughout the Solar System, the sci-fi thriller follows individuals, Chrisjen Avasarala, who is a member of ...

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