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  1. Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊 Kōkaku Kidōtai?) es un manga de ciencia ficción creado por Masamune Shirow, que progresó en dos mangas más titulados Ghost in the Shell 2: Man/Machine Interface y Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor, dos películas animadas dirigidas por Mamoru Oshii: Ghost in the Shell y Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, 1 un...

  2. 20 de nov. de 2016 · ‘Ghost in the Shell’ se centra en la Sección 9, un grupo antiterrorista que forma parte de las fuerzas del orden de Japón pero que opera en secreto. La Mayor Makoto Kusanagi es una cyborg que trabaja junto a la policía y a otros de su especie liderando la unidad, que está especializada en crímenes tecnológico.

  3. Ghost in the Shell [a] is a Japanese cyberpunk media franchise based on the seinen manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow.

  4. 31 de mar. de 2017 · Ghost in the Shell: Directed by Rupert Sanders. With Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbæk, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche. In the near future, Major Mira Killian is the first of her kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals.

  5. Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊, Kōkaku Kidōtai?) es una película de anime japonesa de 1995 dirigida por Mamoru Oshii y producida por Production I.G, Bandai Visual, Kōdansha y Manga Entertainment, basada en el manga homónimo de Masamune Shirow.

  6. Arise, Stand Alone Complex and Oshii's dilogy are three different franchise. But the timeline and plot (exept for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society (2006)) of each of them allows you to watch these films and series in this chronological order.

  7. Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese Manga and Anime franchise created by the manga artist Masamune Shirow, and filmmakers Mamoru Oshii and Kenji Kamiyama. This wiki is brought to you by an open volunteer community of GitS fans, who strive to collect and consolidate everything known about the GitS Universe.

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