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  1. fight [sb/sth] ⇒ vtr (try to defeat) luchar contra vi + prep : enfrentarse⇒ v prnl : She fought the government and won. Luchó contra el gobierno y ganó. Se enfrentó al gobierno y ganó. fight⇒ vi (military: engage in battle) combatir⇒ vi : pelear⇒, luchar⇒ vi : They started fighting at dawn and the battle lasted all day.

  2. traducir fight: pelear, luchar, luchar, discutir, pelea, lucha, pelear, luchar, combatir, pelear, pelear, luchar…. Más información en el diccionario inglés-español.

  3. Obtén toda la información sobre peleas de UFC, PFL y Bellator en ESPN DEPORTES. Lee todo sobre nuestros perfiles de peleadores, pelea principal y peleas preeliminares.

  4. 1 (with fists) resolver a golpes. they decided to fight it out in the street decidieron resolverlo a golpes en la calle. 2 (fig) (=resolve) resolver. we'll have to fight it out in court tendremos que resolverlo en los tribunales. 3 (=compete) they'll be fighting it out for the top prize competirán por el primer premio.

  5. to use physical force to try to defeat another person or group of people: There were children fighting in the playground. The soldiers fought from house to house. They fought with (= on the side of) the North against the South. The birds were fighting over (= competing for) a scrap of food.

  6. an argument or an occasion when someone uses physical force to try to defeat someone: Jeff's always getting into/ starting fights. The older boys broke up (= stopped) the fight. UK I had a stand-up fight with her (= we argued strongly) about the phone bill.

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