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  1. Downing College in the University of Cambridge was founded in 1800 by the bequest of Sir George Downing. Set amidst 20 acres of magnificent grounds in the heart of the city, Downing College is a community of committed scholars and students, current and future leaders in their fields.

  2. Downing College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge and currently has around 950 students. Founded in 1800, it was the only college to be added to Cambridge University between 1596 and 1869, and is often described as the oldest of the new colleges and the newest of the old. [6]

  3. El Downing College es uno de los colleges que constituyen la Universidad de Cambridge, en Inglaterra.

  4. Downing College, originally formed ‘for the encouragement of the study of Law and Medicine and of the cognate subjects of Moral and Natural Science’, now accepts students in all subjects taught in the University of Cambridge.

  5. Founded in 1800, Downing is both the newest of the ‘old’ Colleges and the oldest of the ‘new’, set in a spacious landscape of lawns, trees and gardens in the heart of Cambridge. We welcome applications from anyone with talent and commitment to join our friendly, academic community.

  6. 1 de sept. de 2020 · A virtual tour of Downing College at the University of Cambridge, by Lamorna, one of our current Undergraduate students.Find out more about key places and sp...

  7. Discover Downing Prospectus. Downing College welcomes applications from anyone with talent and commitment - whatever their means or social background - to join our living, learning and working community.