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  1. David Gilmour est surtout connu pour son jeu de guitare. Le style de ses solos est souvent caractérisé par des phrases influencées par le blues, et par des notes tenues en portamento.Sa technique de glissés (glissando et slide), est parfaitement maîtrisée.. Principalement guitariste, David Gilmour est également multi-instrumentiste.Il joue de la basse (notamment sur certaines chansons ...

  2. Przed Pink Floyd. David Gilmour urodził się 6 marca 1946 roku w Grantchester, w Cambridge, jako drugie dziecko w zamożnej rodzinie Douglasa Gilmoura, wykładowcy na Uniwersytecie Cambridge i nauczycielki Sylvii Gilmour. Był zmuszony szybko się usamodzielnić. Kiedy miał osiemnaście lat jego rodzice wyjechali na stałe do Stanów Zjednoczonych.W wieku trzynastu lat, korzystając z ...

  3. David Gilmour was quoted "Its really a difficult and frustrating thing to see this extraordinarily crazy, unjust attack by a major power on an independent, peaceful, democratic nation. The frustration of seeing that and thinking 'what the fuck can I do?' is sort of unbearable."Gilmour phoned his band mates, who agreed to get on board with the project with ease.

  4. Welcome to the David Gilmour Official Store! Order the album Live At Pompeii, or shop online for David Gilmour Merchandise, Apparel, T-Shirts & Accessories.

  5. 11/7/2022 · David Gilmour is a singer-songwriter and musician from Cambridge. Best known as a member of legendary rock band Pink Floyd, he has released four studio albums to date, with the most recent being 2015's 'Rattle That Lock'. Keep up to date with future tour dates and ticket information below on Stereoboard.

  6. David Gilmour discography; Studio albums: 4: Live albums: 2: Video albums: 5: Music videos: 14: Singles: 12: Soundtrack albums: 1: Collaborative albums: 1

  7. David Gilmour can be seen using his Gretsch Duo Jet in this 2002 performance from the Royal Festival Hall. "I’ve got an old black Duo Jet I’ve had for a very long time. I actually used it on a couple of tracks on my first solo album in 1978. It’s quite hard to play, ...

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