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  1. Hace 10 horas · It no longer lifts you up into the stratosphere. By the late ’70s, the Beach Boys had become the first pop superstars of nostalgia. They surfed their own legend. Then again, when talking about the Beach Boys, one should probably be suspicious of a word like nostalgia, when what we really mean is timeless. Best of Variety.

  2. Hace 10 horas · Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise proves once again that people want men in the movies to be, well, masculine. In the top grossing film of 2022, Top Gun: Maverick brings ace pilot Pete Mitchell (Cruise) back to the screens. But this time, he’s older and training a new generation of fighter pilots to achieve an impossible mission, including ...

  3. Hace 10 horas · 5 of the best Liverpool players to never win a league title. Some of the club’s most legendary players make this list. 2. Robbie Fowler. Fowler is one of the best forwards in the history of this great club and he was the reason they took home several trophies. However, he was never able to nail down a league title of his own.

  4. Hace 10 horas · Considering this thriller’s outstanding one-shot action sequences and close-ups of Clive Owen’s chiseled face, it’s easy to forget that the movie is about pregnancy. And yet, in the dystopian future of Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men women can no longer get pregnant – and the world is on the verge of extinction.

  5. Hace 10 horas · Filhos dos homens (2006) Imagens Universais. Considerando as excelentes sequências de ação única deste thriller e os close-ups do rosto esculpido de Clive Owen, é fácil esquecer que o filme é sobre gravidez. E ainda assim, no futuro distópico da obra de Alfonso Cuarón Filhos dos homensas mulheres não podem mais engravidar – e o ...

  6. › nyheter › 21-filmer-som-fremmer-ekte-maskulinitet21 filmer som fremmer ekte maskulinitet

    Hace 10 horas · I en dystopisk fremtid hvor hele menneskeheten har blitt infertil, får Theo Faron (Clive Owen) kontakt igjen med sin fremmedgjorte, aktivistiske kone Julian (Julianne Moore). Julian vil ha en tjeneste – transittpapirer for en ung kvinne ved navn Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey) som på mirakuløst vis er gravid.

  7. Hace 10 horas · Looking back at Spec research history. The objective of this article is to document an example of non-random movements in stock prices. Specifically, we shall examine the distribution of price changes on Fridays and Mondays, and the relationship that exists between price changes on those two days. Other researchers have found little or no ...

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