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  1. 18 de sept. de 2022 · Their father, Chase Iron Eyes, pled guilty to burglary and three other felonies in 2003. He’s since reinvented himself as a political leader and taken what some believe is a not entirely ...

  2. 6 de sept. de 2017 · Standing Rock’s own attorney Chase Iron Eyes and his drum group. In the video, Chase begins to explain his intentions with a comment that didn’t sit well with some Natives. “We are all Indigenous, we need to transcend, and one way to do that is through the drum.”

  3. 3 de jul. de 2022 · Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents tell Bevan Hurley they fear the 18-year-old’s life is in danger. ‘I’ve seen this type of trainwreck before, I know where it ends,’ Chase Iron Eyes says

  4. Ongoing Campaigns. Dedicated to reversing the slow genocide of the Lakota People and destruction of their culture, the Lakota People’s Law Project partners with Native communities to protect sacred lands, safeguard human rights, promote sustainability, reunite indigenous families, and much more.

  5. Many indigenous languages-- Shoshone, Ute, Crow, Arapahoe, Northern Cheyenne, Cree, Nez Perce, Lakota/Dakots, and English—were used to speak in solidarity on the sacredness and importance of buffalo to the people and ecosystems of Turtle Island (North America).

  6. 11 de jun. de 2022 · Tokata’s father, Chase Iron Eyes (right), and mother say they rescued their daughter from Miller’s home in Vermont, where she was in the midst of an apparent breakdown. WireImage.

  7. 22 de feb. de 2017 · Chase Iron Eyes: You have to realize the historic backdrops. [In] December 1875,* the U.S. Army sent a directive to all of the Indians that were outside of the reservation and weren’t complying ...