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  1. Ellie Goulding - Burn (Official Video)Listen to Ellie's new album 'Brightest Blue': Ellie:Tik Tok: https://El...

  2. burn [sth] off vtr + adv (cause to evaporate) evaporar⇒ vtr: burn off vi + adv (mist, haze: evaporate) evaporarse⇒ v prnl : The haze started to burn off as the sun grew warmer. burn the candle at both ends v expr: figurative (work too hard, exhaust yourself) trabajar sin descanso loc verb : trabajar toda la noche loc verb: burn the midnight oil v expr

  3. Descargar ahora Comprar Burn Plus. Programa para grabar y crear discos fácil y rápidamente en Windows o Mac. Una grabación rapidísima para ahorrarle tiempo. Queme audio, vídeo o archivos de otro tipo a CD, DVD o Blu-Ray.

  4. 2 [+skin] (in sun) quemarse; tostarse. 3 [+meat, pastry etc] quemarse. 4 [+light, gas] estar encendido. 5. to burn with anger/passion etc arder de rabia/pasión etc; to burn with desire for desear ardientemente; to burn with impatience consumirse de impaciencia; to burn to do sth desear ardientemente hacer algo.

  5. : bodily injury resulting from exposure to heat, caustics, electricity, or some radiations, marked by varying degrees of skin destruction and hyperemia often with the formation of watery blisters and in severe cases by charring of the tissues, and classified according to the extent and degree of the injury see first-degree burn, second-degree burn, third-degree burn

  6. Burn Controllers est une marque française. Installée dans le sud de la France, nos équipes sont disponibles et mobilisées pour t'apporter le meilleur service. Si tu as une question, n'hésite pas à contacter nos experts, ils sauront t'accompagner dans ton choix.

  7. Lyrics:The sky is red, I dont understand,Past midnight I still see the land.People are sayin the woman is damned,She makes you burn with a wave of her hand.T...