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  1. Black bears are North America's most familiar and common bears. They typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, but are also found in mountains and swamps. Despite their name,...

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  3. Classification: Mammal. Description. Not all black bears are black—some are brown or a rusty cinnamon color. There are also black bears with light blue-gray fur found in southeastern Alaska known as “glacier bears.”

  4. Animals. Mammals. Black Bear. By Aaron Sidder. Common Name: American black bears. Scientific Name: Ursus americanus. Type: Mammals. Diet: Omnivore. Group Name: Sleuth, sloth. Average Life Span...

  5. 5 de abr. de 2022 · Credit: NPS / Neal Herbert. Text description of image slider. American black bears ( Ursus americanus) are the most common and widely distributed species of bears in North America. They can be found anywhere from forested areas to the beach to the alpine zone.

  6. The Black Bear is the most familiar and smallest of bears found in North America. Interestingly, despite their name, their coats can be coloured black, brown, cinnamon, blue-black, blue-grey and even white. As well as being agile climbers, they are also at home in the water and are efficient runners, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles an hour.

  7. 22 de jun. de 2021 · Characteristics. Habitat. Black bear attacks. Diet. Breeding. Subspecies. Spirit bears. Conservation. Additional resources. American black bears ( Ursus americanus ), often simply called...

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